Check out the first complete set of modules in SurveyCTO’s online training course

SurveyCTO’s free, self-paced online training course now features a complete set of five modules. Module 5: Exporting and Publishing Collected Data, the latest module release, covers how to directly export data from the server console, as well as publish data to Google Sheets and to other platforms via Zapier, a web automation tool. If you’ve already started the course, continue with the new module. If you haven’t enrolled yet, do so today!

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Through videos, screencasts, and slides, SurveyCTO’s online training course introduces new users to the platform and helps experienced users refresh their skills. Module 1 features a quick-start video, overviews of SurveyCTO features, and exclusive insights from Dobility’s founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Robert. Module 2 delves deeper into form design. Module 3 offers in-depth instruction for data collection in both online and offline settings. Module 4 shows how to monitor data in near real-time and deploy quality control features. 

In Module 5: Exporting and Publishing Collected Data, you’ll learn how to:

  • Directly download data from the server console into .csv files (comma-separated value format), supported by just about any spreadsheet, database, or statistical analysis software, including Microsoft Excel, Stata, SPSS, and many others.
  • Publish to Stata with .do file templates that merge and format data.
  • Immediately visualize and explore data in the Data Explorer.
  • Publish data to the cloud, Google Sheets, and Zapier for further visualization and analysis.
  • Export encrypted data.

While this module focuses on how to download data from the server console, you can also export your data using SurveyCTO Desktop, our new desktop application for more flexible and powerful data exporting, just released with SurveyCTO 2.60. This new version also introduces the option to export to .sav files that include labels and variable formats for SPSS. To learn more, you can browse the documentation.

Please share your feedback on the course! We intend to improve the current offerings, as well as expand the range of modules available in the future. 

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