Dive into data monitoring with Module 4 of SurveyCTO’s online training course

Raw data streaming from the field is rarely perfect enough to use as is. With SurveyCTO, you can monitor data in near real-time and deploy quality control features to produce data you can trust. Learn how to do so in Module 4: Monitoring Data Collection, the latest module release of SurveyCTO’s self-paced, online training course. If you’ve already started the course, continue with the new module. If you haven’t enrolled yet, do so today!

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Through videos, screencasts, and slides, SurveyCTO’s online training course introduces new users to the platform and helps experienced users refresh their skills. Module 1 features a quick-start video, overviews of SurveyCTO features, and exclusive insights from Dobility’s founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Robert. Module 2 delves deeper into form design and encryption for data security. Module 3 offers in-depth instruction for data collection in both online and offline settings.

In Module 4: Monitoring Data Collection, you’ll master how to:

  • Monitor incoming data at individual submissions and aggregate levels with the Data Explorer, SurveyCTO’s built-in monitoring and visualization tool.
  • Set up automated quality checks to flag outliers, suspicious distributions and means, values that violate frequency or numeric thresholds, and error-prone submissions.
  • Configure the review and corrections workflow to review submissions before they are released for publishing or export.
  • Customize and save monitoring workbooks.

We’re still adding more content and improving the course. Please share your thoughts in our course forum, where you can also engage with other SurveyCTO users enrolled in the course. 

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