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Our philosophy at Dobility is that a product is only as good as the support that backs it up. While SurveyCTO is a digital platform, the way our customer success team is staffed and what they do makes them very different from what you might think of as “tech support”. This is how we’re able to help improve the work of the economists, monitoring and evaluation professionals, and survey researchers who choose to use SurveyCTO. Read on to learn more about our distinctive approach.

We’re like you

Most people think of “tech support” as an encyclopaedic resource on how your technology works, as well as the resource you refer to when your technology malfunctions. Our customer success team deals with both of these dimensions, but also goes so much further. 

We’re able to do so because we’re like you. We staff our customer success team with professionals who have years of experience designing surveys, conducting and managing research out in the field. Who else could understand the pressure and preparation steps of a survey better? You need to have been behind schedule, designing the digital version of a survey late into the night, having received it late that same day from the primary investigator. You need to have been in the field, discovering that one of your enumeration team’s vehicles is now stuck somewhere in the mud. We’ve been there, and our experience enables us to help you even more.

Are you sure you need that hammer?

Our customer success team’s perspective and product expertise also equips them to go beyond the most obvious part of a support request. 

Someone might ask you, “where’s the hammer?”. You might just tell them where it is, but you could also ask, “what’s the problem you’re trying to solve?”. When you better understand their problem, you might realize that a hammer is not the best tool. 

The aim of our support is not only to deal with the explicit problems you’re having and just explain how features work, but to help you understand how to make the most of available resources (whether they are SurveyCTO features or something else). It isn’t possible for us to do that without digging a bit deeper and asking questions. So when users describe their projects and the challenges they might be experiencing, we’re often able to make more holistic suggestions on the way forward. 

Not only does that experience equip our customer success team with the ability to read between the lines and identify a solution based on a user’s actual objectives, it also helps engender an essential quality: compassion. Compassion for the circumstances of the research assistant crushed by a looming deadline, and compassion for enumerators stuck out in the field, uncertain of the way forward. We know what those challenges are like and we’re dedicated to helping our users push through.

Other ways to help you succeed

Support is just one way that we help SurveyCTO users succeed. This year, we’ve started experimenting with e-learning, through the production of a self-paced online course to help beginners learn SurveyCTO and current users refresh their skills. We’re also keen to explore new ways to help users become more confident with SurveyCTO through webinars, written content, and video tutorials and overviews.

Interested in joining our ranks?

Given all that our customer success team does, it can be challenging to find brilliant people to join the ranks of our caring, thoughtful, and curious problem-solvers. That’s why our team is distributed around the world—the United States, India, Portugal, and South Africa (so far…). 

Where next? We’re ready to consider strong candidates located anywhere who have the right mix of curiosity, compassion, and expertise. If you think you fit the bill, fill out this recruitment form so that we can learn more about you.

We hope it’s helpful for you to learn more about the principles that drive our support. Please continue to explore our support services and reach out to us if you need any help. And if you’re curious about joining our team, please reach out to