Oxfam Canada shares their winning strategy for data excellence at MERL Tech London 2018

Dobility sat down with Oxfam Canada’s Anja Kessler to reflect on MERL Tech London 2018, share best practices in digital data collection, and discuss how MEL (monitoring, evaluation, and learning) is improving programing, including Creating Spaces to Act on Violence Against Women and Girls (CS).

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SurveyCTO and the GDPR

Here at Dobility, we’ve always taken an approach to data security grounded in the moral obligation to protect privacy and honor confidentiality pledges. For us, that moral obligation was always binding. But with the arrival of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this obligation becomes legal as well – at least where the private or sensitive data of EU citizens is concerned...

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Raising funds responsibly is part of a social enterprise’s commitment

As the social enterprise sector grows, one of the more exciting vectors for innovation is financial. Coalitions such as the Impact Terms Project and organizations like Echoing Green are sharing resources and promoting new structures for funding double-bottom-line entities. Click here to read our post in collaboration with the Impact Terms Project.

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