Carry out advanced data collection workflows fully offline

Advanced Offline Survey App and Platform

Collect data that are immediately available across forms and devices with no Internet connection, enabling household surveys in Uganda, office inspections in Afghanistan, or educational assessments in Peru — which just work.

Offline dataset publishing

Collect, update, and access all your survey data in the field. 100% offline

Publish to datasets

Stream data between forms via datasets locally on your devices while doing field surveys in remote locations. Enable complex workflows where data and survey responses collected in one form can be available in additional attached forms.

Transfer cases

SurveyCTO Collect uses Android’s Nearby Share feature to transfer cases from one device to another. Ideal for survey sampling in the field, generating new cases, or referring cases to colleagues.

Complex survey workflows. No internet required. Try it out.

Explore how you could leverage offline dataset publishing and offline case transfer capabilities. You can save valuable enumerator time and improve data quality with SurveyCTO Collect, our offline survey app.

Unreliable Internet access makes it essential to have offline tools for your data collection workflows

Many parts of the world still struggle to get enough signal to make phone calls, let alone upload data from your mobile survey app. When you’re carrying out research, inspections, and evaluations in remote locations, you need a tool to access, update, and collect data without the Internet.

Now with SurveyCTO’s advanced offline features, you can manage your entire data collection workflow offline. No more worrying about connecting to the Internet to upload and download data to the server.

Offline Survey Software

Advanced workflows handled completely offline

This means:

Create new and sophisticated workflows combining the options of the advanced offline features.

Example use cases: advanced offline workflows

Use SurveyCTO’s powerful case management features with new offline workflows to collect longitudinal and historically aware data. 

Track the status of
existing cases
Create child cases for individual respondents
Close cases so that they no longer
appear in the case list
Illustrated icon of stacked survey forms.
Update the list of survey forms assigned to a user
Update a case's label to keep your team informed of the current status of all cases
Count attempts to
reach a respondent.
Add and update contacts
in the field
Complete sampling on site and distribute cases across your field team.
Image of a round clock with an arrow in place of hands.
Design forms that remember what you last captured as a shortcut for faster survey form-filling

See how 100% offline workflows can help your organization collect high quality data more efficiently

We’ll show you how SurveyCTO 2.80 works for your organization’s advanced workflows. Reach out and connect with our team today.