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Welcome to SurveyCTO 2.12! Our latest release focuses on bread-and-butter issues central to many projects: how to format questions in the clearest, most effective way; how to help users better understand and navigate groups of repeated questions; and how to most effectively capture GPS positions.

2.12 release highlights

2.12 imagery
A household roster with the new “table” appearance, plus the designer’s built-in HTML editor.

One of the most anticipated features in 2.12 is support for HTML formatting in field labels. Use the WYSWYG editor in the form designer or drop formatted HTML into your Excel form.

We’re also excited for users to try out the new “table” appearance for repeat groups. We’ve heard from teams that this will be a huge help for enumerators in the field.

Other highlights include:

  • Improved GPS performance and ability to invisibly record locations in the background
  • New Hindi interface added to SurveyCTO Collect

Keep sharing your feature requests in the SurveyCTO Support Center. We’re listening!

Update (always free!) to 2.12 today to take advantage of these new features and more. Just go to manage subscription. Read the full release notes here.

The latest news

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On the horizon

We’re already hard at work on the next release, which will include a new suite of tools to visualize and review your data. Stay tuned!

SPSS and R — we need your help!

We’ve heard from a number of users that they would like stronger integrations between SurveyCTO and SPSS and R. If you have specific suggestions for how an integration might work best, please share them in the SurveyCTO Support Center.