You are currently viewing New SurveyCTO Collect features for improved data security on mobile devices

Note: This blog post references an early version of SurveyCTO Collect for Android which is now available from the Google Play Store. Please see this blog post to learn more and download the latest version here.

SurveyCTO Collect now offers powerful new security features that allow you to keep your data safe across mobile devices. As security considerations continue to change due to shifts to remote data collection and the use of personal devices for work projects, these new features enable greater data protection by offering app-based storage and password-protected access.

These improvements to SurveyCTO Collect are part of a series of rolling product updates to introduce new functionality and respond to user needs as quickly as possible. These updates are available as early release versions of SurveyCTO Collect, which have also introduced remote management and setup of enumerator devices and robust features for phone surveys. You can get access to the latest early release version of the Android app here, and you can learn more about its features below.

Download the latest version of SurveyCTO Collect

Why should I use this early release version?

You’ll get access to the newest features that aren’t available in the current version of SurveyCTO Collect that allow you to overcome remote work limitations and better secure data on mobile devices, even in the case of device loss or staff changes.

What are the features?

The latest version of SurveyCTO Collect offers the following features:

  • App-specific storage: By default, all data, including forms, attached datasets, and settings, will be stored in a private app directory within SurveyCTO Collect, inaccessible to other apps on the device. 
  • More storage control: Users will be able to change this default setting to public storage if they want other apps to be able to access the data.
  • Passcode security: An app passcode can be set up so that SurveyCTO Collect can’t be opened without first entering the correct passcode. This can be used to further protect data when devices are in high-risk environments.

Along with new features for remote device management, these improvements allow for devices to be easily configured with the right settings to safeguard data security. Read this technical guide to learn more.

Installing this latest version will change the location of the SurveyCTO Collect directory on devices and delete all data when the app is uninstalled. It’s also only available for the Android Collect app and not the iOS app. Refer to the full release notes for more details.

How do I install it?

You can directly install this early release version via this public URL (click on “Download the early release version”). This version is not available in the Google Play Store.

How can I share my feedback?

We’ll continue to build rapidly on this new flexibility and release additional updates as needed to meet evolving needs. Your feedback plays a critical role in helping us do so! Please share any feedback you have by submitting a support request (available to those with paid subscriptions, those who recently switched to community subscriptions, and those developing responses to COVID-19). You can also email us at

How can I learn more?

For more information, check out the full release notes.  If you’re a SurveyCTO user and need help with any issue, our support team is available 24×7. Go to the Support Center and click on the link to “Submit a support request.” No question is too small.

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