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We are beyond excited to share the new Data Explorer exclusively with SurveyCTO users. Not only that, it’s FREE and INCLUDED with every subscription tier… at least for now.

The Data Explorer enables you to view encrypted data in the browser with your own 2048-bit encryption keys, visualize data in an integrated system that detects the data types of their fields and how they should be labeled, and catch data-quality issues from the first day of data-collection.

Current users: login and update today to try it out.* Future users: sign up for a free trial to get started. Everyone: watch the videos below to learn more.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Advanced Features

*Note to current users: You can update to 2.20 at any time: just login to manage your subscription and click the green Update button at the top of the page. The Data Explorer replaces Statwing. If you used Statwing, download anything important from Statwing BEFORE you update to 2.20 AND before December 31. After December 31, Statwing will no longer be available. To access the Data Explorer, you will need to update your server to 2.20. Community subscribers who haven’t already updated will be automatically updated to 2.20 at the end of December.