You are currently viewing SurveyCTO 2.0 public beta

Because SurveyCTO 2.0 is such a big release for us, we’re being very careful about the testing and roll-out. As we finalize the release, we’d like to invite our existing users to participate as beta testers.

Why would you want to participate?

  1. You’d like early access to our web forms. Our web interface has been tested fairly thoroughly and used by us for several surveys. During the beta period, we’re prepared to support users who want to deploy web forms for collecting real data (provided that they thoroughly test their forms before deploying them).
  2. You’d like to have a voice in the refinement of our new console interface. Our new console should be far easier to use than the old one, but it still has some rough edges and we’re still trying to make usability refinements. As a beta tester, you can help to influence how our new console evolves (not just in the 2.0 release, but for our scheduled 2.10 release as well).
  3. You like trying new things, or you’d just like to help us out. SurveyCTO 2.0 is cool, and maybe you just like using cool things. Or maybe you like us and want to help us to make our product better. Whatever the reason, we will be grateful for the help!

How does it work?

  1. You fill out the form to request a 2.0 beta server. (The beta period ended Oct. 25, so we took the form offline.)
  2. We get back to you when we’re ready for you. We’re going to phase in beta testers over time, rather than starting everybody at once — so apologies in advance for any delay.
  3. We launch a 2.0 server for you. This will be in addition to your existing server so that we’re sure not to disrupt any of your other ongoing activities.
  4. You send us regular feedback. We’re running this public beta period so that we can get feedback from you on what is or isn’t working well, so we’ll ask that you send us regular reports. We’ll have a short form that you can fill out to submit reports, so it should be quick and painless.

For more about SurveyCTO 2.0, please see our earlier blog post.