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SurveyCTO is the most reliable, secure, and scalable mobile data collection platform for researchers and professionals working in offline settings.


Increase the quality of data, research, and analysis by providing a premium technology that anyone can use.


With sophisticated workflows, robust quality control features, and real-time visualizations, SurveyCTO collects secure, high quality data – even offline.


A single, transparent plan with the flexibility and power for any field research – from a single project to global use across organizations.


Hundreds of forward-thinking academic institutions and organizations use it to power 1000+ rigorous, complex, and large-scale projects in 150+ countries.


Design complex survey forms, pre-load data, and stream data between datasets with an intuitive spreadsheet format, or the drag-and-drop form designer.


Collect data offline with the SurveyCTO Android app, or online with the universal web interface. Submit your data securely thanks to multiple layers of encryption and data redundancy.


Monitor incoming data in real-time, to catch signs of trouble. Or let SurveyCTO do the monitoring for you with automated quality checks, review and corrections workflows, and data classification systems.


Learn from your data instantly using our integrated monitoring and visualization tools, stream data to Google, or seamlessly integrate your data with external tools for analysis.

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