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Use SurveyCTO to collect your best data ever.


Increase the quality of data, research, and analysis by providing affordable technology that anyone can use.


SurveyCTO empowers you to collect high-quality data offline, keep it secure, and learn as you go.


Simple, transparent pricing that's designed to scale with you as your projects grow.


Thousands of users in more than 130 countries depend on SurveyCTO for their mobile data collection.


Design survey forms or other data-collection instruments using our drag-and-drop form designer – or, if you're a power user, using an intuitive spreadsheet format.


Collect data offline with the SurveyCTO Android app, or online with the universal web interface. Submit your data securely thanks to multiple layers of encryption and data redundancy.


Monitor incoming data in real-time, to catch any signs of trouble. Or, better yet, let SurveyCTO do the monitoring for you, once you set up some automated quality checks.


Learn from your data instantly using our integrated monitoring and visualization tools, stream data to Google, or use any number of other integrations to learn from your data.

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