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What kinds of SurveyCTO-related emails does Dobility send?

There are two broad categories of emails sent from SurveyCTO: (1) account-related emails and (2) SurveyCTO mailing list emails. Account-related emails are generated by events on your server and help you best manage your subscription. Examples include:

  • Receipts for account charges
  • Usage alerts if you are hitting your account usage limits
  • Quality check alerts if you have configured them on your server
  • Responses to requests for support
  • Password reset requests
  • Log in invites and email verification requests

Mailing list emails are independent from account-related emails and are sent out to users who are listed as subscribers on our mailing list, and include the following types of emails:

  • Onboarding emails (emails you may receive in the first couple of weeks after signing up for a new server)
  • Tips, tricks, guides, and tutorials
  • Announcements about new releases and features
  • Relevant news, events, and surveys
  • Blog posts
  • Other announcements

How can I control which mailing list emails I receive?

You can update your mailing list email preferences by clicking the “update preferences” link in the footer of any such email that you receive from us. The preferences page lists different categories of emails we send out and you can then opt-in or opt-out of specific types of emails, so that we only send you the emails you want to receive.

If you want to stop receiving mailing list emails entirely, click the “unsubscribe” button in the footer of any such email you receive from us and complete the unsubscribe steps. You will no longer receive any emails we send out via our mailing list. You will still receive account-related emails if your email is set to receive certain account-related notifications. If you wish to stop receiving those as well, please see the steps in the question above – “How can I control which account-related emails I receive” – to see how you can do that.

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