Real-life stories to inspire high-quality data collection for world-changing impact.


Monitoring and evaluation. Medical record systems. Longitudinal studies. Entity-based data collection. Impact evaluations. Complex workflows. Computer-based telephone interviews (CATI). Offline surveys. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with SurveyCTO. Below, explore cases of how researchers, M&E professionals, humanitarian organizations and others have achieved their data collection goals.

Case Studies

Academic Research

HiiL promoted equitable justice systems

Public transport vehicles with colorful roofs in Kampala, Uganda

Learn how HiiL used SurveyCTO’s web forms, unique IDs and longitudinal data best practices to combat pandemic-related challenges and complete justice surveys in Uganda.

NORC used respondent-driven sampling

NORC logo laid over image of women walking on a beach.

Learn how NORC used SurveyCTO’s server datasets and barcodes to drive respondent-driven sampling and measure sexual exploitation in Kenya.


IFPRI measured COVID-19's impact

An elderly woman in Nepal explores a mobile device.

Learn how The International Food Policy Research Institute used SurveyCTO’s CATI and case management features to survey women and farmers in Nepal and India.

Global Health

Nyaka built an EMR​

Paul from Nyaka wears a blue shirt and describes his EMR system using SurveyCTO.

Learn how Nyaka used SurveyCTO’s integrations with Google Sheets to build an EMR system to deliver care in Uganda.​

International Development

IPA cut survey time in half​

A hand giving the peace sign is overpaid on an illustration of the Sierra Leone flag. Over the middle of the hand, the logo for Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is displayed.

Learn how IPA got candidates on ballots and increased participation in Sierra Leone’s election while streamlining operations in the field with SurveyCTO.​

Survey Firms

Outline India conducted 15,000 CATI surveys ​​

Outline India

Learn how Outline India met the challenges of a sample size three times what they had been told, and limited survey options during the COVID-19 pandemic with CATI.

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