SurveyCTO makes it effortless to visualize data, generate reports, streamline processes, and produce better quality data—faster and more securely—with the external tools of your choice. Choose from three options: use automated integrations, develop your own integrations, or download your data in a variety of formats to use with other tools.


Connect your data to hundreds of external systems, including Salesforce, G Suite, Office 365, Twilio, Power BI, and SMS/IVR via Zapier, a web automation tool for creating processes, triggering events, and sending data.

Stream your data to Google Sheets and integrate directly to other visualization and analysis tools. Create your own dashboards, tables, and charts that update automatically, and embed them on other websites.

Use the OpenFN integration platform to send your data to a wide variety of software systems, including mobile money platforms, MYSQL, Asana, and more.



Integrate with downstream systems using our RESTful API.


Use webhooks to receive data in real time in .csv or JSON formats.


Generate Stata .do file templates that will import, re-shape, and label your data. The templates also convert dates and times into Stata’s internal format and provide a system for safe merging and correcting of incoming data.

Download your data in .kml files to visualize in map form, using software such as Google Maps and Google Earth. You can access your data offline, as well as split it into customizable geographic subsets or project teams.

Export your data into .sav files that include labels and variable formats for SPSS. If any data values are truncated, SurveyCTO will warn you so that you can also export your full values in .csv format.

Export and merge data to Microsoft Excel files with SurveyCTO Desktop, our desktop software. Create dashboards, tables, and charts that automatically update when you import new data.

Use a Microsoft Word mail merge template for SurveyCTO Desktop to “fill” each exported submission into a paper version of your form. Review individual submissions and generate custom assignment and tracking sheets.

And there are countless more!

SurveyCTO exports data in .csv format, which essentially all modern visualization and analysis platforms support. You can even use SurveyCTO Desktop to automatically merge new data into your local .csv files, so it’s not a one-time export. SurveyCTO is designed to be able to integrate with your workflow, no matter what data platforms you use.

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SurveyCTO is based on Open Data Kit (ODK), the most widely-used open source platform for data collection. We added hundreds of improvements, hosting, documentation, and support, in order to increase its reach, usability, and power. Learn about how we compare to other platforms.