In addition to providing the most reliable, secure, and scalable mobile data collection platform, we are dedicated to helping our users succeed. Take advantage of these primary sources of support:

  1. SurveyCTO product documentation. This is a comprehensive reference guide for every component of the SurveyCTO platform. It’s publicly-available without logging in and also built right into your server console.

    You can login to your server at, where “yourservername” is your unique server name. If you’ve forgotten your server name or login details, click here to reset your password.

  2. The Support Center. This is where you can find helpful resources and announcements, including our extensive library of support articles. Depending on your subscription, you can also engage with the global SurveyCTO community and interact with our expert support team that responds to support requests 24×7.
  3. SurveyCTO website. Browse our website for user interviews and case studies, our video library of tutorials and feature overviews, information about our free, self-paced online training course, subscription management, frequently asked questions (FAQs), release notes for every SurveyCTO version, and other helpful information about the SurveyCTO platform.