At SurveyCTO, we promote best practices for data collection at all levels. We know that projects are only as strong as the foundational knowledge they rest on. If you work in research, monitoring & evaluation, or any field that relies on collecting primary data, check out our comprehensive guides designed to help you build your data collection skills and enhance your work.

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Evaluating programs. Informing policy. Measuring progress. Creating change. Whatever the goals of your data collection are, a solid survey tool is only the first step in gathering actionable insights. (And we’ve got that part covered).

Capturing accurate and insightful data means understanding important issues around data collection on a deeper level. In our Guides, you’ll find recommendations for processes and practices you can implement for better data collection, better data security, and better data quality.

Find tested strategies, procedures, and tools to improve your data collection processes–and outcomes. Generate powerful insights and make better organizational decisions by implementing best practices for data collection.
Discover why high-data quality is critical to effective organizations, how organizations fail to collect good quality data, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls in your data collection work.
Get the details on key methods for the secure collection, transmission and storage of data, and learn how to deal with common data security challenges.

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