Here’s why thousands of leading organizations trust SurveyCTO to power their rigorous and complex data collection needs.


SurveyCTO platform overview: Collect your best data


Build complex forms and monitor and visualize your data with ease.

Robust design and testing. Use the drag-and-drop form designer to create and revise forms, case management workflows, and datasets with complex branching logic, non-linear navigation, linkages to previous survey rounds, and form version control. Rigorously test forms before deployment to mobile devices and web forms.

Extensive data categories. Capture a wide variety of data types, such as audio audits, media files, device sensor data, QR codes, signatures, and GPS positions, boundaries, and paths.

Sophisticated quality control. Pre-load and stream data, as well as set up the review and correction workflow before publishing. Configure automated quality checks that flag outliers, suspicious distributions and means, values that violate frequency or numeric thresholds, and error-prone submissions.

Powerful monitoring and visualization. Instantly visualize incoming data at individual or aggregate levels with the built-in Data Explorer. Integrate with hundreds of other tools using Zapier, OpenFN, and Google Sheets, or use API and webhooks for further visualization and analysis. Download your data in multiple formats to use with other tools.


Protect your data with multiple layers of encryption and redundancy from your device to our secure servers.

Public/private key encryption. Protect your data with industry-leading 2048-bit encryption, including user-owned encryption keys and automatic encryption in transit, thanks to SSL. Control which fields to share or publish and shuttle encrypted data without exposure to an Internet-connected computer.

Customizable teams and user roles. Create team groups for every level of your organization or project needs. Configure fully customizable user permissions and silo access to forms and data to easily manage multiple projects on a single server.

Single sign-on (SSO) support. Set up seamless logins and manage user access in response to device loss or staff changes with Google, Okta, and Azure AD SSO support.

Multiple server locations. Enjoy secure hosting in your choice of US or EU data centers with state-of-the-art firewalls and penetration monitoring technology.

Compliance and privacy protection. Rely on our commitment to privacy, as well as data security that satisfies GDPR compliance standards and institutional review boards (IRBs).


Rest assured that the SurveyCTO platform will always deliver.

Stable servers. The SurveyCTO platform is built on fixed, stable Linux servers that we maintain and won’t change over time.

Subscription-specific servers. Every subscription has its own virtual server that includes the SurveyCTO software, as well as matching versions of the mobile and desktop software components.

Code consistency. The mobile apps and web forms have an identical code base. What you see online is what you get in the field.

99.99% system reliability. Around-the-clock server uptime with 24×7 monitoring and multiple level backstopping means that you never have to worry about outages or performance issues.


Count on time-saving and thoughtful guidance that will help your project succeed.

24×7 support team availability. Submit a support request and receive a prompt response from our expert research and data collection professionals. No question is too small.

Extensive support library. Take advantage of over 230 help articles, sample forms, video tutorials, and user forums.

Online training course. Participate in each module of our self-paced online training course to get introduced to SurveyCTO or refresh your skills.

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SurveyCTO is based on Open Data Kit (ODK), the most widely-used open source platform for data collection. We added hundreds of improvements, hosting, documentation, and support, in order to increase its reach, usability, and power. Learn about how we compare to other platforms.