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    Social Networks
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    Innovations for Poverty Action
    Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
    Social Impact
    World Bank Development Impact Initiative
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    Harvard University
    Columbia University
    University of California, Davis
    International Food Policy Research Institute
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    Development Economics
    Public Health
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What is SurveyCTO?

SurveyCTO is a technology platform that helps you to collect data both online and offline, using mobile phones, tablets, or computers. It particularly excels in challenging field settings, where Internet connectivity is limited to non-existent. Whether you're collecting data as part of an impact evaluation, academic survey research, project M&E, mHealth application, or market research, SurveyCTO can help you collect better data, faster and more easily.


SurveyCTO makes sophisticated, high-quality electronic data-collection as simple as possible. Use our drag-and-drop tool to design your survey forms, simple wizards to define field validation and skip logic, and auto-generated templates for processing in Stata or mail-merging into Word. Visualize and analyze in just a few clicks. Read more...


Pre-load data from baselines, listings, and other sources. Use random audio recordings to audit the quality of survey administration. Scrutinize mail-merged Word documents to catch errors that your automated data checks can't. SurveyCTO is packed with the kind of smart, simple features designed to support world-class data-collection efforts. Read more...


While we do offer turnkey solutions, you don't have to hire technical consultants to program your surveys or manage your servers. You can design your survey and all hosting, technical, and support fees are included in one low monthly fee. SurveyCTO offers superior functionality with minimal fuss and at a price that is hard to beat. Read more...


SurveyCTO includes several key redundancies for data safety. On the data-collection device, data is stored both on a removable SD card and on the device itself. On the server, SurveyCTO databases are mirrored 24x7 across multiple of Amazon's data facilities. Continuous backups are restorable to any minute of any day in the last month. Read more...


SurveyCTO has been built with data security (and IRBs) in mind. With 2048-bit encryption, your data is secure from the point of data collection to the point of data processing. For your most sensitive data, SurveyCTO makes it easy to synchronize encrypted data with a cold-room computer, ensuring that data is never exposed on the Internet. Read more...


SurveyCTO is based on Open Data Kit (ODK), an open-source platform for electronic data-collection used in thousands of surveys around the world. For data-collection, the platform leverages the tremendous variety in available Android phones and tablets, and numerous options and possible configurations exist to support different needs. Read more...