Real-time Data Monitoring Tools for Collaboration with Field Survey Partners

We know excellent-quality data is your top priority. SurveyCTO’s tools enable you to monitor your data in real-time and collaborate seamlessly with your data collectors to ensure your data is of the highest quality.

SurveyCTO is trusted by leading researchers and organizations in over 165 countries. Read our user case studies to learn more.

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Monitor your data in

Adjust survey instruments based on
live observations of responses

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Improve the performance of survey questions and reduce errors

Refine sampling strategies with
real-time insights into geographic and
demographic distribution of respondents

  • Save time and money by using our testing interface to rigorously test and apply changes to your forms, even after deployment and on both Android and iOS devices

Collect  clean, error-free data on every project

Anticipate review and corrections needs based on instantaneous feedback
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Collaborate seamlessly with your data collection vendors using our data monitoring tools and external viewer feature

Automatically review shared summary reports of the data quality features
used with export reports

  • Share form data with external viewers using the Data Explorer, and use the review & corrections workflow to bring your fieldwork monitoring and quality-control process together

Learn how SurveyCTO can be the solution for you
and your data collection vendors.

More reasons why leading research organizations chose SurveyCTO

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Protect sensitive data, survey respondents, and your reputation

End-to-end encryption that protects data from your devices all the way to our secure servers, as well as compliance and privacy protection that satisfies GDPR and IRB boards

Scale your use as your needs grow

Extra submission credits; unlimited forms, devices, users, custom user roles, and storage; desktop application for customizing export settings for multiple projects; and the flexibility to create teams for optimal project management

Rely on 24×7 expert help from researchers like you

Prompt and thoughtful support from our team of researchers and survey experts, along with extensive capacity-building resources, including an online training course, user Support Centerwebinars and video tutorialsproduct documentation, feature guides, and sample forms

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