If you’re on a tight timeline, need extra hands-on assistance, or want personalized training, we can provide training and consulting services on an hourly basis.

All SurveyCTO users have access to our Support Center and professional subscribers can submit support requests to our team. Guided by our social mission to make powerful data collection tools available to all users, we have designed SurveyCTO to be as user-friendly as possible and invested countless hours in developing comprehensive support materials.

Most of our users find that all they need is a little guidance and troubleshooting help to achieve their project goals. However, we do offer additional services as needed.

Our consulting services are flexible and based around the needs of your project.

For example, you might build your own survey form complete with translations, but want us to add complex field validation and logic checks. Or you might want us to help you set up a good system for monitoring the quality of your incoming data. Or you might want us to come in and provide an in-person training for your team. All of these options – and more technical assistance, capacity-building, process design, and customizations – are available.

We can also build a turnkey solution to meet your needs.

We will work with you to develop the solution that meets your needs and train you on everything we did. In fact, we generally don’t develop turnkey solutions without some form of capacity-building because we want your team to be empowered to do everything we did – and more.

If you’re interested in consulting services, please send us an email at sales@surveycto.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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