President & CEO
Chris is a technologist, an entrepreneur, an economist, a researcher, and a lecturer.

As a technologist and entrepreneur, he founded Dobility, Inc., which produces SurveyCTO, an electronic data collection platform used worldwide by leading researchers and evaluation professionals. Earlier in his career, he co-founded and helped grow an internet technology consultancy and led technology efforts for the top provider of software and hardware for multi-user bulletin board systems (the online systems most prominent before the Internet).

As an economist, researcher, and lecturer, he is involved in a long-term project to evaluate the impacts of microfinance in South India; he develops online curriculum for a program to promote the use of evidence in policy-making (initially in Pakistan and India); and he has taught statistics and policy analysis at the Harvard Kennedy School.

He holds an A.B. in public policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as Masters and Ph.D. degrees, also in public policy, from Harvard University.

Chris is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Good to know
Chris turns red and starts sweating if he tries to lie or even just hide something he knows he should reveal.

Media and public speaking
Chris is available to provide expertise, analysis, and commentary on public policy, development economics, microfinance, technology, social entrepreneurship, and ICT4D. Please contact

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