Lead Engineer

Meletis is the lead engineer behind SurveyCTO. Over the last 19 years, he has designed and developed a variety of software applications using cutting-edge technologies.

Meletis's career as a software engineer started at the age of 10, when he developed a phonebook application for the DOS operating system using ANSI C. Much later, during his Ph.D., he developed a proprietary protocol using TCP/IP sockets in order to build a framework to facilitate peer-to-peer synchronous collaboration in small groups through computer screens. More recently, he developed a unique user identification technique across multiple network channels using machine-learning techniques. He is always keen to tackle projects that require innovation, scalability, performance, and big data.

Meletis is based in Athens, Greece.

Good to know
Meletis is a painter, a chess player, a volleyball player, and a fan of the movies. He spends his free time doing puppetry with his two young children.

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