Offline or online, collect quality data anywhere.
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Organizations all over the world use SurveyCTO’s low-code forms, user-friendly data quality tools and reliable mobile application to make an impact through high-quality data.

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SurveyCTO is trusted by leading international development organizations working in over 165 countries. Read our user case studies to learn more.

The security you need, without sacrificing flexibility

Rest easy with a platform that lets you securely collect sensitive data

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Easily share sophisticated data visualizations 

Create real impact by using the tools of your choice to share your findings

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Collect excellent data anywhere, even offline


Anyone can run advanced data collection projects with SurveyCTO using our workflow templates and offline functionality

  • Customizable, easily-installed templates take you from basic surveys to advanced data collection projects  
  • The SurveyCTO Collect app allows you to collect data offline as well as online, so you never need to rely on an internet connection
  • Push data collected offline from devices to computers using SurveyCTO Desktop, and export later as needed
  • Easily incorporate pre-existing data by pre-loading it, as well as streaming incoming data into other forms. Do it offline in real time using offline dataset publishing
  • If you collect data on the same subjects over time (entity-based or longitudinal data collection), SurveyCTO has you covered with our case management solution, which can be integrated with our offline functionality for maximum power and flexibility
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Get insights you trust with tools for data monitoring 

Optimize fieldwork management and make every observation count using meta-data and sophisticated quality controls

Learn how SurveyCTO can work for you.

How SurveyCTO stands out

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Protect survey respondents with SurveyCTO’s world-class security

End-to-end encryption that protects data from your devices all the way to our secure servers, as well as compliance and privacy protection that satisfies GDPR and IRB boards

Get everything you need with transparent, simple pricing

The freedom to choose between month-to-month pricing or bulk discounts, and flexibility on additional priced features

Rely on 24×7 expert help from a global customer success team

Prompt and thoughtful support from our team of survey experts, along with extensive resources for training and upskilling your team, including an online training course, user Support Centerwebinars and video tutorialsproduct documentation, feature guides, and sample forms to get you started

Scale your use as your needs grow

Create multiple teams to separately manage distributed projects and set access permission for staff based on specific need, along with the options of extra submission credits; unlimited forms, devices, users, custom user roles, and storage

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