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SurveyCTO Webinar: Pulling data from a pre-loaded data source

Much of survey work and data collection is longitudinal in nature, involving repeated observations of the same variables over a period of time. If there is pre-existing data, it can be really helpful to reference and use to confirm the same subjects observed in current survey projects.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of pre-loading data in a SurveyCTO form design. You’ll see how to pre-populate a form with descriptive information to help enumerators confirm that they’re talking to the same respondents from a baseline interview. You’ll also receive step-by-step guidance on the following:

  • Creating hidden calculate fields, to store your pre-loaded values inside your form.
  • Attaching pre-loaded data to your form, to query from inside the form.
  • The syntax of the pulldata() function, which is used to query your attached pre-loaded data.
  • Configuring the whole pre-loading process using the form designer, for the most user-friendly approach to setting up pre-loading.

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You can also check out the video recording of our previous webinar on how to make the most of SurveyCTO Desktop, a new feature introduced in SurveyCTO 2.60. And if you need help now, our support team is available 24×7. Go to the Support Center and click on the link to “Submit a support request.” No question is too small.