You are currently viewing SurveyCTO: You don’t need to be a ‘computer genius’ to use it!

With the launch of our drag-and-drop form designer and the free Community edition of SurveyCTO earlier this year, SurveyCTO has become even more accessible for small-scale NGOs, students, and researchers, not to mention users who are just getting started with survey design. We hear wonderful feedback from our users daily, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to share a few recent testimonials.

One of our all-time favorite endorsements comes from Usamatu in Ghana:

“SurveyCTO is so amazing! It is so easy to teach others to use it and you do not need to be a computer genius to be able use it.”

From M. DeCoursey from Sustainable Schools International in Cambodia:

“SurveyCTO is the first mobile platform anyone in our organization has used – and we loved it! We are a small NGO and your support gives us the ability to monitor and improve our programs in a credible, cost-effective way.”

From a user at FHI 360:

“SurveyCTO has made it so easy to manage our research data from afar. I can directly monitor what’s happening in the field from the other side of the world.”

Niall Keleher from the University of Washington has used SurveyCTO in Afghanistan, Liberia, Philippines, and Sierra Leone:

“I couldn’t imagine working without SurveyCTO. Data quality is vastly improved with SurveyCTO!”

From a user working with LifeNet International in Uganda:

“SurveyCTO has helped us capture data more effectively. Before, our drivers would not have been able to easily follow skip patterns that we needed for our survey, but now they are able to administer surveys easily and have stated that it makes them feel more valued.”

From a user from Lincoln University working in Ghana and New Zealand:

“SurveyCTO is an awesome platform. It is secure and easy to set up. They have gone to great lengths to put in various tools for ensuring the quality of data throughout the process.”

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Image: “Just Browsing” by Wilson Afonso is licensed under CC BY 2.0