SurveyCTO and the GDPR

Here at Dobility, we’ve always taken an approach to data security grounded in the moral obligation to protect privacy and honor confidentiality pledges. For us, that moral obligation was always binding. But with the arrival of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this obligation becomes legal as well – at least where the private or sensitive data of EU citizens is concerned...

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Mobile case management for multi-dimensional accountability

Oxfam is collaborating with local and global partners to capture, analyze, and respond to community feedback using SurveyCTO's case management functionality in an innovative way. The goal is to inform Oxfam’s Middle East humanitarian response and give those affected by crisis a voice for improved support and services. In this post, Chris summarizes a conference session with Oxfam GB's Emily Tomkys Valteri, including background on SurveyCTO's support for mobile case management.

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Raising funds responsibly is part of a social enterprise’s commitment

As the social enterprise sector grows, one of the more exciting vectors for innovation is financial. Coalitions such as the Impact Terms Project and organizations like Echoing Green are sharing resources and promoting new structures for funding double-bottom-line entities. Click here to read our post in collaboration with the Impact Terms Project.

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Thoughts from MERL Tech UK

MERL Tech UK was a small, intimate gathering by conference standards (just under 100 attendees), but jam-packed full of passion, accumulated wisdom, and practical knowledge. It's clear that technology is playing an increasingly useful role in helping us with monitoring, evaluation, accountability, research, and learning -- but it's also clear that there's plenty of room for improvement. As a technology provider, I walked away with both more inspiration and more clarity for the road ahead. Some highlights...

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Data quality and measurement: A call to action

The true front line for data quality – the place where the battle for data accuracy is often won or lost – is the point of original data collection. This is the reason why we have been focusing our SurveyCTO efforts on how to help our users collect higher-quality data, and the reason why we’re painfully aware of the so many ways that we and our users could do better.

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Announcing our free Community edition

Today I'm thrilled to announce Dobility's launch of a free "Community" edition of SurveyCTO. This free edition is designed to enable smaller non-profits, researchers, students, and other small-scale users to collect better data in the field. In tandem with our new online form designer, it will enable new users to easily get started with digital data collection, regardless of their budget or technical skill set. We hope that it will deepen our social impact and expand global support for best practices in data collection.

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Announcing Dobility India

I'm excited to announce Dobility India Pvt. Ltd., the new home of SurveyCTO in South Asia. Based in Ahmedabad and led by Maulik Chauhan, Dobility India will champion and support the use of SurveyCTO throughout South Asia, focusing in particular on opportunities to increase the quality and cost-effectiveness of data-collection in India's public, nonprofit, academic, and other research sectors.

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