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For more than a decade, we've been growing to serve a diverse range of user needs. Today, we're recognizing that growth and user diversity by expanding your subscription options.

As of May 31, 2024, we are introducing a new pricing model for SurveyCTO. This new pricing structure has been created after over a year of work, both internal and in discussion with our users. Ever since our founding, our team has held to a set of guiding principles, working to provide our users with data quality, data security, and reliable support. Our updated pricing lets us sustainably balance these goals in several ways:

(1) The introduction of pricing tiers allows us to maximize affordability, bringing the core features of the platform to as many users as possible;

(2) Allows us to continue investing in both the SurveyCTO platform and our customer success capabilities; and

(3) Keeps SurveyCTO funded entirely by our users, creating a healthy and sustainable feedback loop that we believe is central to our success and to software development in general.

Introducing tiered pricing

Returning to a tiered pricing model is one of the first decisions we made as part of this process. Over the years – and thanks in large part to the creativity and passion of our users – SurveyCTO usage has grown into areas that we could never have anticipated, from our roots in academic research to educational assessments, monitoring and evaluation, healthcare workflows and more. Throughout this growth, we have found a huge and increasing range of needs for secure, high-quality data collection. This growth has been immensely rewarding and has affirmed for all of our team members that our mission is important and our work is impactful on a global scale. At the same time, the expanding variety of use cases means that we are constantly working to add new features and functionality that are often only relevant to a subset of our users. Tiered pricing allows us to continue serving increasingly complex use cases while keeping data quality and data security–the core of the SurveyCTO platform–as affordable as possible.

Investing in SurveyCTO and the success of our users

The team at Dobility has been working tirelessly to improve SurveyCTO and we are eager to do more! Since our last pricing change nearly six years ago, our team has nearly tripled in size and we have released a number of exciting features, from The Hub to advanced offline functionality to enumerator management. In parallel, we have expanded our customer success team, and the services that they offer. Our success team now conduct live training, share their experience in written use cases and webinars, and even visit our users on-site. All of us at Dobility are energized to invest in growing our impact through our users, both through building and maintaining the SurveyCTO platform and helping our users succeed.

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Keeping SurveyCTO user-funded

While we have had many opportunities to seek different funding sources over the years, we continue to believe that the revenue-funded model is right for SurveyCTO. This model gives us a clear mandate to build what matters most to our users and ensures sustainability, meaning our growth and success is not dependent on a few large stakeholders but on the satisfaction of all of our users. It also empowers us to make long-term product decisions, knowing that the success of SurveyCTO ultimately rests on its effectiveness in the field rather than boardroom-only vaporware or buzzwords in a presentation.

What this means for my current subscription

In keeping with our guiding principle of offering a reliable platform to users, we are rolling out our new pricing model with a goal of minimal disruption. All existing prepaid subscriptions will remain unchanged, and current paid users will be able to renew on existing pricing (and/or pre-purchase for future usage) for the time being. New users, including trial and community users moving to paid plans, will now get to choose between our new pricing tiers. As the number of users on legacy pricing shrinks, we will announce the timeline for moving renewals to the new pricing tiers.

On behalf of the Dobility team, thank you for your continued support. We are excited about the roadmap ahead for SurveyCTO and grateful for the opportunity to support your work.

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about our new pricing model, please contact or reach out through the Support Center. Also, be sure to follow us on social media (links below) and subscribe to the blog (link to the right) to stay updated.

Better data, better decision making, better world.

Lawrence Li


Lawrence is the CEO of SurveyCTO. He focuses on scaling Dobility’s impact and allowing the organization to bring affordable, high-quality data to a growing set of users and contexts.

Before joining Dobility, Lawrence spent most of his career as an investor, with experience in both private and public markets. He started his career with the Boston Consulting Group after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech.