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What are the different ways I can pay for my subscription?

Credit or debit card

The fastest and easiest way to pay is using any major credit card (i.e. Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, and Discover) or debit card. When paying via card, you can pay for any number of team-months or submission credits – there are no minimums – and the purchase will be reflected in your account immediately. To pay via card, just log in to your account’s manage subscription page and follow the relevant links to either activate or modify your subscription, or purchase more team-month or submission credits.

ACH or wire transfer (min. purchase of $500)

We can accept payments via ACH or wire transfers for purchases of $500 or more. To request an invoice and bank information for payment via ACH or wire transfer, please follow the steps in this FAQ. We will activate or change your plan or adjust your team-months or extra submission credits balance when the invoice is issued in lieu of payment; however, if the invoice is not paid in time, the issued services will be canceled and your server may close. Please make sure you account for mailing and processing times when you choose this payment method.

How do I update my billing information (i.e. credit card, billing address, phone number)?

All billing information, including credit card and billing address information, can be modified via your account’s manage subscription page. Go to the manage subscription page, scroll down to “BILLING INFORMATION”, and click on the blue “Update billing information” button. Then follow the steps to update your card information or other relevant billing details.

How do I request a quotation?

It’s easy to request a quotation at any time. Log into the manage subscription page and at the bottom of the “Subscription” section, click “Click here to request a quotation”. Complete the details to generate the quotation. The quotation will appear at the top of the manage subscription page. Note that this is just to request a quotation, not an invoice for payment. Your subscription will not be adjusted based on this quotation. If you are ready to make payment to extend your subscription or purchase more submission credits, and need an invoice for payment, please follow the instructions below to get an invoice.

How do I pay by invoice?

You must first generate a quotation before you can generate an invoice (please follow the instructions above on how to do so). Once you do, your open quotation will appear at the top of the manage subscription page. After reviewing the quotation and securing authorization to pay, click “Confirm and pay” under the quotation on the manage subscription page. Doing so will convert the quotation into an invoice, which will be due immediately. Confirm the details to generate the invoice and pay the invoice.

When is an invoice considered paid?

All payments are received and processed by Dobility, Inc. during US business hours (EDT), Monday through Friday, with the exception of U.S. Federal holidays. Even once a payment posts to Dobility’s accounts, it must be processed: logged and matched against the appropriate server. The ACH or wire transfer must be received and internally processed by Dobility’s finance team in order for the payment to be classified as paid. Only once an invoice payment has been received and processed internally will the transaction be reflected in your account. As the timeline to receipt and processing can be delayed by intermediary banks, the postal service, and weekends and holidays, we recommend users pay using a credit or debit card.

How do I make sure I use my team-month balance first before having my credit card on file charged?

If your account has team-month credits available on your billing date, our system will automatically use those instead of charging your card. If you have a credit or debit card on file, it will only be charged if a) you have enabled the auto-charge setting, and b) there are no team-month credits available.

What is auto-charge?

Auto-charge is a feature that helps ensure that your account stays active. If you pay month-to-month, this feature will automatically charge your credit or debit card on your billing date each month. If you prepay for your service, this feature will automatically charge your credit or debit card if and when your prepaid team-month credits run out, and then every month after that. Auto-charge will only charge for one month of service at a time. If your organization has a centralized billing arrangement with SurveyCTO, this feature can automatically charge your organization instead of a credit or debit card. By default, auto-charge is enabled on accounts to ensure no disruption in data collection.

To view your current payment settings, including whether or not auto-charge is enabled, log in to your
manage subscription page and look in the SUBSCRIPTION section. From there you will be able to turn on/off auto-charge, as well as edit the card and billing information associated with auto-charge.

Where can I find a receipt for previous payments?

Go to your account’s manage subscription page and scroll all the way down to the “RECEIPTS” section. Here you will find links to view or download all receipts for your subscription.

How do I print a receipt?

Go to your account’s manage subscription page and scroll all the way down to the “RECEIPTS” section. Here you will find links to view or download all receipts for your subscription. Click “view/print” next to the receipt you want to print, which will open your receipt as a PDF file. Then follow the steps in your PDF viewer to print the receipt. Please also note that all users on your account that you have indicated should receive billing notifications also receive an email with a receipt attached each time a payment is successful.

Where can I find my account balance of team-months and extra submissions?

If you log in to your account’s manage subscription page, you will find both your team-month credits and extra submission credits balances shown in the SUBSCRIPTION section. If you find you are running low, you will be able to purchase more credits directly from there (as long as your account supports purchasing credits).

Can I be issued a refund if I prepaid for team-months and/or extra submission credits?

No. We cannot refund advance payments. Therefore we strongly advise that you only purchase as many team-months credits as you are confident you will need within the next 12 months. Extra submission credits will remain available as long as your subscription stays active, but they will expire once your subscription has been closed for three months.

However, we understand that organizational and project needs can change unpredictably. Therefore, if you underestimated your needs, we make it easy to purchase additional credits without disruption to your work.

Although team-month credits expire 12 months after they are purchased, they can be used at any point you want within this period. For example, if you have just purchased 6 team-months and they will not expire for another 12 months, you can close your account, return in 6 months, and continue to use the 6 remaining team-months you had already paid for rather than pay again at the time of reactivation.

What happens if, on my monthly billing date, SurveyCTO is unable to charge my credit card?

If, on your monthly billing date, you do not have any prepaid team-month credits, and you have auto-charge enabled, our system will attempt to charge your card to keep your subscription active for an additional month.

Sometimes, your bank may decline our attempt to charge the card. In the event that our system is unable to charge your card, to ensure that your work is not disrupted and you have an opportunity to contact your bank to authorize them to clear charges from SurveyCTO, our system will give you a 72-hour grace period: after the initial failed charge, it will attempt to charge your card three more times – once every 24 hours – and allow the subscription to remain open during that time even though it is past its billing date. If all three subsequent attempts to charge your card also fail, the system will automatically close your server for non-payment. All contacts who are configured to receive billing notification emails will receive notifications upon each failed charge attempt.

If your server does close due to four failed charge attempts, you can still resolve your card issues and reactivate your server. Once you are able to pay, log in to your account’s manage subscription page (that login will still work) and click the green “Activate a paid subscription” button in the SUBSCRIPTION section.

In the event that our system’s attempts to charge your card are failing, and you are unable to resolve the issue on your card with your bank, a quick solution to consider is to use a different card. If you normally use a work card to make payments to SurveyCTO, you may even consider using a personal card and then getting reimbursed from your employer, to ensure that your service is not disrupted.


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