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SurveyCTO Webinar Series: Discover how to administer Implicit Association Tests (IAT) with SurveyCTO

Implicit Association Tests (IAT) are common psychological assessment tools that allow researchers to discover and measure the extent of subconscious beliefs held by respondents by examining associations between different concepts. We are excited to share our new field plug-in that will enable you to easily design and conduct Implicit Association Tests using SurveyCTO.

In 2020, SurveyCTO introduced powerful field plug-in functionality, which allows you to heavily customize the appearance and behavior of fields in your forms to meet your exact needs. We have developed a growing catalog of field plug-ins that are available to all SurveyCTO users, and this IAT plug-in will be one of our latest additions. 

In this webinar, we will introduce and illustrate SurveyCTO’s new IAT support in detail, including the following aspects:

  • Understanding the IAT field plug-in’s main components and parameters.
  • Implementing an IAT survey in SurveyCTO.
  • Customizing the IAT field plug-in according to your needs.

Resources related to this webinar:

  1. Webinar presentation deck
  2. Timed categories field plug-in: Documentation on the field plug-in used for implicit association tests
  3. Timed categories basic example (CSV attachment): Form used for demonstration during the webinar. For help deploying it to your server, check out our support article on deploying form definitions.

Other resources

  1. Guide to field plug-ins: Learn the basics of field plug-ins
  2. Customizing field plug-ins: Customize a field plug-in to your needs, especially its appearance. 
  3. How to test field plug-ins: Using the field plug-in console to test the changes you have made.
  4. Field plug-in catalog: A list of all existing field plug-ins you can use in your forms or to create your own plug-ins.

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