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The Ministry of Agriculture in Haiti (Le Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Naturelles et du Développement Rural) recently collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on two impact assessments in Haiti. We connected with Jery Rambao, the field coordinator for the study, and Sébastien Gachot, a rural development specialist at IDB, to learn more about their work.

Tell us a little about the project.

The project is an impact assessment of two technical packages that the Projet de Transfert de Technologies aux Agriculteurs (PTTA) provided to farmers in the North and North-East departments of Haiti. Farmers in the North received an agroforestry package while farmers in the North-East received a peanut package. For each technical package, we collected data from 300 households (100 in the beneficiary group and 200 in the control group) to assess the impact of the project on agricultural productivity and income of beneficiary farmers.

We had a long questionnaire (20 pages on paper), and we simplified it as much as possible with SurveyCTO. Now we are finalizing data processing and analysis. The survey was faster and less stressful with SurveyCTO.

Here is a collection of photos from the field:

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