Humility, iteration, and learning

“Big data” seems to get all of the news and enthusiasm these days, but there is a quiet revolution in small data that is sweeping the world, sector by sector, organization by organization, department by department. Fueling this revolution everywhere is a new-found value in humility, iteration, and learning...

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Beyond just talking about human-centered design

People have been talking about human-centered design for years, and there is always much enthusiasm for how the core principles might apply in the development context. In this blog post, I try to bring things down to earth, discussing ways that project and in-country teams might use SurveyCTO to put good design principles into practice.

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On SurveyCTO: An open letter

It started as a modest experiment in electronic data collection embedded within a much more ambitious experiment involving microfinance in rural India. Today, SurveyCTO has grown into a mature technology platform used to collect data in hundreds of projects around the world. This inaugural blog post seems like a good time to look briefly back, and then forward to where SurveyCTO is headed...

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