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One year after they were awarded grants for their research, PhD candidates Luisa Cefala and Patrick Agte share lessons from their experience.

In 2021, we awarded two of the first-ever SurveyCTO Research Grants to PhD candidates Luisa Cefala and Patrick Agte. Now, they’re back to share their experiences, research findings, and lessons learned with you in this on-demand webinar.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Key findings from the awardees’ research projects
  • How both researchers planned their fieldwork for primary data collection 
  • Tips for academic research and primary data collection 
  • How both awardees took advantage of SurveyCTO resources to facilitate their research 
  • Challenges and lessons learned from both projects


Luisa Cefala, PhD candidate at UC Berkeley studied “Labor market constraints to technology adoption: Evidence from rural Burundi”

Luisa carried out a randomized intervention to test whether training the village labor force in new agricultural technologies benefits village workers, through more employment, and the community, through more takeup of the more advanced agricultural technology.

Patrick Agte, PhD candidate, Princeton University studied “The Equilibrium Effects of Improved Public Primary Healthcare: Evidence from the Health and Wellness Centers in India” 

Patrick has been collaborating with the Government of Rajasthan, India in the rollout of 150,000 remote maternal and child health outposts to investigate the equilibrium effects of the reform using experimental and quasi-experimental methods.

Wondering if you’ll benefit from this webinar? 

You’ll want to watch this webinar if you are: 

  • A current graduate student undergoing research
  • Thinking about applying for the 2022 SurveyCTO research grant
  • Undergoing any project involving primary data collection

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