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Introducing the SurveyCTO partner program

Over the past 10 years, the SurveyCTO platform has been a key ingredient in innovative randomized evaluations, the monitoring & evaluation of transformative social interventions, improving healthcare outcomes through digitization, and proving to be a favorite solution for cutting-edge survey research companies. The incredible work that has been undertaken by SurveyCTO users has been instrumental in building the platform’s reputation as a technology that’s synonymous with reliability, high-quality data, and the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of use cases.

At SurveyCTO, we’re grateful for our history, and tremendously proud of our close relationships with industry innovators across various sectors. Now, we’ve decided to take these relationships to the next level.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new endeavor: The SurveyCTO partner program.

The partner program is the place for best-in-class research service and solution providers who specialize in the SurveyCTO platform. If your organization has the expertise to design data collection or monitoring systems or provide product training, the partner program can help you build your credibility and find new business opportunities.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner.

Are you new to SurveyCTO? Just checking out the platform or our blog? Do you need expert help? SurveyCTO partner program members are advanced users with deep knowledge of the SurveyCTO platform.

Learn more about what partners could do for you.

Partner showcase

Our list of partners is growing. Your organization could join the ranks of these distinguished users! To name just a few (and in no particular order):

  • Laterite is a data, research, and analytics firm that has historically specialized in surveys in East Africa. SurveyCTO is a deeply embedded part of Laterite’s processes (they’re even testing artificial intelligence apps that work with SurveyCTO).
  • EDI Global provides both quantitative and qualitative research and design services, providing comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL). SurveyCTO is the tool of choice for the team at EDI, who have deep roots in Tanzania.
  • Trestle is a technology-driven social enterprise that supports not-for-profits, NGOs, and academics across various thematic areas. It offers a variety of consulting services across the research and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) pipeline and uses SurveyCTO for all projects. Trestle is based out of India and focuses on the India, Asia, and Africa markets.
  • Innovative Hub for Research in Africa (IHfRA) is a research, data, and advisory service with offices in East and West Africa, as well as the Central African Republic. The team at IHfRA has deep expertise in using SurveyCTO to solve a wide range of research problems.
  • ARCED Foundation in Bangladesh is a non-profit research organization, founded on many of the global best practices and principles, including a strong focus on SurveyCTO as a solution for improved measurement and quality control.

Empowering transformative data collection through intentional partnership

For Dobility, our goals remain the same: putting transformative, empowering technology in the hands of innovative organizations with a social mission. The partner program is an extension of that mission. We want to enlist your help in putting SurveyCTO into the hands of more organizations that are looking to improve their systems.

Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Through association with the SurveyCTO brand, partners can reinforce our shared values of data security and data quality with their clients.
  • Finding business opportunities through our referral network. 
  • Exposure through co-marketing activities.
  • Revenue through our commission structure.

Is your organization up for the challenge? If yes, we want to hear from you.

Extend the reach and impact of your work with SurveyCTO partners

If your organization is considering the SurveyCTO platform as a solution and thinking about consulting services, a SurveyCTO partner is definitely the right choice for you. There’s a partner to help you with these scenarios and more:

  • A paper-based record-keeping system needs to be digitized.
  • An electronic system is required to register and manage beneficiaries. 
  • A digital system for auditing a list of facilities is required.
  • A monitoring system is required to provide visibility on field operations.
  • You need an implementing partner who can provide high visibility on a survey, evaluation, randomized control trials (RCTs), and more.

We’ll match you with partners who can meet your unique needs.

Melissa Kuenzi

Product Marketing Associate

Melissa is a part of the marketing team at Dobility, the company that powers SurveyCTO. She manages content across SurveyCTO’s external platforms, publishing expert insights on best practices for high-quality data collection and survey research for professionals in international development, global health, monitoring and evaluation, humanitarian aid, government agencies, market research, and more.

Her background in the nonprofit sector allows her to draw on firsthand experience as a user of software solutions for the social impact space to bring SurveyCTO’s tools for uncompromising data quality to researchers all around the world.