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SurveyCTO Webinar Series: Discover the Hub - Leveraging and learning from SurveyCTO Workflows

The Hub is SurveyCTO’s new data collection template gallery, released this month. In the Hub, you’ll find expert-made Workflow templates that take you beyond basic questionnaires. Workflows are quick to install and completely customizable. They’re designed to help you get started with more advanced forms of data collection and learn valuable SurveyCTO skills.

Mofya Phiri, Research Advisor for Dobility’s Customer Success Team, takes attendees on a deeper dive into the Hub, including key details for using SurveyCTO’s case management feature with template Workflows, and an exclusive look at future Hub functionality.

You can find the webinar presentation slides here.

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Lindo Simelane

Digital Analytics Associate

Lindo is a part of the marketing team at Dobility, the company that powers SurveyCTO. He is responsible for all aspects of data management and analytics for SurveyCTO’s website, social media, and other marketing efforts.

Lindo has a passion for research to inform policy in international development and economics. He has extensive experience in the ICT4D space that includes research work, and a background in international business and finance.