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SurveyCTO Webinar Series: The SurveyCTO Partner Program and How Trestle Builds Dashboards

Those who work in survey data collection know that data visualization is a key part of any project. A popular method for best-in-class visualization of data is creating dashboards–a visual summary of key data points. At Trestle Research and Consulting, a SurveyCTO Partner, the team utilizes Google’s Data Studio/Looker Studio for dashboard building.

In this webinar, Amrik Cooper, Director of Customer Success at Dobility, introduces the new SurveyCTO Partner Program. Then Trestle’s Founder and Managing Director, Maulik Chauhan, presents on dashboard building, covering everything from selecting dashboard software (and why he uses Google Data Studio/Looker Studio), to integrating with SurveyCTO, correct use of the Looker Studio’s features, options for data blending, charts, and more.

You can find the webinar presentation slides here.

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