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Since much of survey work and data collection is longitudinal in nature, it can be helpful to use pre-existing data to reference and confirm that the same subjects are being observed in past and current survey phases. In a previous SurveyCTO webinar on “pre-loading”, we demonstrated how to pre-populate your forms with pre-existing data. But suppose you need to continuously collect and update data for both initial and subsequent survey rounds? With SurveyCTO’s server dataset functionality, you’ll be able to configure these kinds of dynamic workflows for your longitudinal studies.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about advanced dataset usage by using these sample forms and data to construct a basic registration system, which will allow you to register, deregister, and update information about survey subjects. 

You can also check out the video recording of our last webinar on how fieldwork experts at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and Komaza tackle data quality. If you’re a SurveyCTO user and need help now, our support team is available 24×7. Go to the Support Center and click on the link to “Submit a support request.” No question is too small. New to SurveyCTO? Sign up for a free trial today to explore the platform. During the 15-day trial, you’ll have access to the entire platform.