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See what inspired data collection professionals in 2023

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back, taking stock, and keeping everyone up to date.

We compiled a list of the content that readers like you learned from, enjoyed, watched, listened to, and engaged with this year. From new, easy-to-use templates in the year’s biggest product release to the first-ever webinar from a SurveyCTO partner to tested tips for high-quality data, you don’t want to miss this year’s roundup.

Check out 2023’s most popular resources below and stay in the know on the tested tips, tricks, and best practices to carry you and your work forward into an impactful 2024. 

It’s our gift to you.

This year’s major product release

The Hub is a new gallery of customizable, easy-to-install data collection templates. Learn how to streamline your work and get started faster with Hub Workflows:

Top new resource: Data collection guides

Want to gather high-quality data for actionable insights? Explore these Guides for processes and practices you can implement for better data collection, better data security, and better data quality.

Most watched video

Offline dataset publishing lets you take your forms and surveys anywhere in the world, even to areas with unreliable or no Internet connectivity. There are no limits to where you can work with SurveyCTO.

Offline dataset publishing

Most attended webinar

We introduced SurveyCTO’s partner program this year. (Check it out if you’re a research and solution provider with SurveyCTO expertise). Want to see how dedicated our partners are to best practices for high quality data? Let SurveyCTO partner Trestle teach you how they use Google’s Looker Studio to create elegant dashboards for visualization.

Most viewed blog posts in 2023

It’s clear: You really care about data quality. (We do too).

Explore readers’ favorite blog posts of the year today for tips, tools, and skills for collecting primary data and making sure your research is top-notch.

Most popular social media posts

Here’s the top 3 posts followers responded to on each of SurveyCTO’s social media platforms this year:

X (formerly Twitter)



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Melissa Kuenzi

Product Marketing Associate

Melissa is a part of the marketing team at Dobility, the company that powers SurveyCTO. She manages content across SurveyCTO’s external platforms, publishing expert insights on best practices for high-quality data collection and survey research for professionals in international development, global health, monitoring and evaluation, humanitarian aid, government agencies, market research, and more.

Her background in the nonprofit sector allows her to draw on firsthand experience as a user of software solutions for the social impact space to bring SurveyCTO’s tools for uncompromising data quality to researchers all around the world.