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Dobility India will be in New Delhi, India February 7-9 to participate in EvalFest 2018: Voice, visibility and value! Our team is looking forward to participating in this great event, hosted by the Evaluation Community of India (ECOI).

The goal of EvalFest 2018 is to co-produce knowledge and build partnerships with various stakeholders in Development and Evaluation. These partnerships will also help to ensure that evaluation and evidence use are cornerstones in how India works towards achieving SDGs focusing upon engaging stakeholders, inclusiveness, and innovation.

Themes for the conference include:

  • Engaging Community and other stakeholders in Development and Evaluation: field building, innovation in process and utility orientation
  • Inclusion: social, economic, cultural and behavioral
  • Innovations: new knowledge and practice
  • Ethics and evaluations
  • Road to SDGs: prioritization, building evaluation capabilities and evidence use

EvalFest 2018 is free and it’s easy to register! We hope to see you there!

Dobility India at EvalFest 2018

Maulik Chauhan, Associate Director, Dobility India (SurveyCTO)

Dobility India’s Associate Director, Maulik Chauhan, will participate in the session, “Data, Evaluation, Communication, and Transformation.” This session will highlight the problems related to collecting high quality data and the challenges of including the voices of the most marginalized people as stakeholders of development. Additionally, the participants will discuss the important issues surrounding how best to communicate data driven evaluation findings to decision makers. The session will focus on how good data and communication of findings appropriately leads to transformations of society. In this session, Maulik will also give a presentation titled, “Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Ensure That an Evaluation is Based on High-Quality Data, Without Breaking the Bank.”

For those of you who are new to our technology, SurveyCTO is an ODK-based data collection platform that has been used to collect millions of submissions in over 150 countries by organizations such as the World Bank, J-PAL South Asia, Innovations for Poverty Action, OXFAM, Clinton Health Access Initiative, and many others committed to rigorous data collection and analysis in rural economic development, agriculture, health, education, and other sectors.

Chris Robert


Chris is the founder of SurveyCTO. He now serves as Director and Founder Emeritus, supporting Dobility in a variety of part-time capacities. Over the course of Dobility’s first 10 years, he held several positions, including CEO, CTO, and Head of Product.

Before founding Dobility, he was involved in a long-term project to evaluate the impacts of microfinance in South India; developed online curriculum for a program to promote the use of evidence in policy-making in Pakistan and India; and taught statistics and policy analysis at the Harvard Kennedy School. Before that, he co-founded and helped grow an internet technology consultancy and led technology efforts for the top provider of software and hardware for multi-user bulletin board systems (the online systems most prominent before the Internet).