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How to increase data security with new workspaces and expanded security settings (SurveyCTO webinar)

SurveyCTO Collect is even more secure now. Best practices such as industry-leading end-to-end encryption, GDPR-compliant setupsSOC 2 certification are already baked into the product, but in our latest release, we’ve added a new set of options to help you improve data security and organize your work. With this new addition, you can be confident you’re using a tool with unmatched security. 

If you work on data collection projects for multiple clients or outsource data collection to other organizations, then you’re probably familiar with the hassle of keeping track of various information. To do so, you may even use different ways to separate forms, data, and settings on SurveyCTO Collect. But now you can easily keep things organized using the new SurveyCTO Collect “workspaces”. These new spaces will allow you to clearly separate and restrict forms, data, and settings in each device across different servers, teams, or projects.

As data collection becomes increasingly decentralized, it’s critical to have control over certain mobile settings from the server-side. With this latest release, the new server-side mobile settings will help you gain more control over device security and enforce your organization’s information security policies.

Some of the topics we cover in the webinar include:

  • Setting up SurveyCTO Collect workspaces
  • Configuring workspaces for different servers, teams, or projects; each with its own forms and settings
  • Customizing new mobile security settings, such as requiring dedicated workspaces, on the server-side to lock down data on the mobile devices connected to your server
  • Enforcing your organization’s information security policies across devices and using new security options and restrictions at the user role level
  • And much more!

Resources related to this webinar:

  1. Webinar presentation deck
  2. Keeping your data secure, with advice on how to use the new security settings.
  3. Using the SurveyCTO Collect app, including how to set up and use workspaces.
  4. Managing device security, including how to enforce device security settings from the server.
  5. Switching to app-specific storage, including details on when you would want to use public app storage instead of private app storage, and how to access SurveyCTO storage when public app storage is turned on.
  6. Encrypting form data (end-to-end encryption), including how to encrypt data, even when the collection device is unlocked or a data manager is logged into the server, for an extra level of data security.
  7. Managing device settings, including how to set up default device configurations, so that as soon as the user signs into SurveyCTO Collect using quick setup, the needed settings are applied.
  8. Best practices for configuring and securing enumerator devices, including a slideshow guide on how to set up default device configuration.

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