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Dobility is excited to be attending the upcoming “Data for Development Festival” event in In Bristol UK, March 21-23, 2018.

This event for the partners and friends of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data will focus on driving action and fostering strong links that will lead to improved outcomes as the Global Partnership community looks ahead, in the short term to the 73rd UN General Assembly in September and the World Data Forum in October, and in the longer term to 2030. This event provides an opportunity to participate in numerous thematic events, network with the global data community, meet representatives of the Global Partnership’s new Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Group, and shape the partnership’s future.



The event’s agenda includes session topics such as:

– Community-led monitoring
– Citizen-generated data
– Data privacy and data ecosystems
– Private sector contribution to the SDGs
– Transboundary water management
– Ethics of algorithmic accountability

“The Data for Development festival will be the inaugural in-person gathering of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s partner network. It is an exciting chance to exchange ideas with partners from around the world, generate new collaborations, and explore the impact of emerging technology on people’s lives.“ – Claire Melamed, Executive Director, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Hope to see you there!

Details about the event

Data for Development Festival
Bristol City Hall
Bristol, UK
March 21-23, 2018

Interested in attending? Get more information at here.

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