You are currently viewing BINGO! Quality Data Collection Isn’t a Game, but Oxfam Canada Won with SurveyCTO


Dobility is excited to be speaking at the upcoming MERL Tech UK event in London, March 19th and 20th.  Our lunchtime session will review a case study of how one team overcame obstacles to high quality mobile data collection in the field.  Here is a snapshot:

Ever feel like you are leaving data in the field?  Low or no connectivity, buggy tools, and the inability to monitor incoming data in real-time can lead you to question the quality of your data.  Join us to learn the next (practical!) phase in digital data collection with SurveyCTO and Oxfam Canada.

Drawing on the best practices developed from Oxfam’s use of SurveyCTO across multi-country Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) programs, participants will learn how they can use SurveyCTO to (a) run automated statistical checks on collected data that flag problematic records and data points, (b) review these flagged records and reject or correct them, and (c) easily integrate forms – using a drag and drop interface – with external systems (such as Google Sheets, Tableau, Salesforce, or public facing websites) such that collected data automatically and seamlessly publishes and updates dashboards and databases in these systems once cleaned and approved.

So grab a your sandwich of choice, some BINGO blotters, and join us where you will not only take home a winning game plan for high quality mobile data collection, but have the opportunity to compete against your peers in this interactive session


To learn more about this session, or the upcoming conference, click here.  Can’t attend in person?  No problem.  Follow us on Twitter.  We’ll keep you up-to-date with the excellent panels, presentations, and the fun using #MERLTech.