You are currently viewing WEBINAR: How Nyaka created an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to improve community health care in Uganda

Nyaka uses SurveyCTO to collect, monitor, and visualize patient data in real-time, allowing NGO community workers to easily access up-to-date medical advice and provide on-the-spot guidance

While monitoring the health of communities in the hardest to reach areas of Uganda, Paul Nzerebende, MEAL Manager at Nyaka, knew there was a better way to store medical records. Before adopting SurveyCTO in 2021, they were filing patient data on paper, which made it hard to track, analyze, and access—which also limited the medical guidance Nyaka’s fieldworkers could provide to their patients. 

As a long-time user of SurveyCTO, Paul knew that the platform had all the necessary functionalities to create a highly efficient digital system so Nyaka’s community clinics could collect, analyze and visualize data. Leaning on his programming skills, he was able to integrate SurveyCTO with Google Data Studio (GDS) to build interactive dashboards, which allowed him and his team to easily visualize patient data on the spot.

On May 25th, we’ll host a webinar with Paul to learn how he created Nyaka’s centralized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system using SurveyCTO. We’ll cover how he analyzed and visualized information in real time, allowing him and his team to monitor community health — while also ensuring data confidentiality.

Nyaka provides community-based programs to address the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural southwestern Uganda. Their aim is to ensure that each child has access to clean water, nutritious food, medical care, and information to keep them safe and healthy.

When Uganda went into lockdown during the pandemic, Nyaka was still able to collect data thanks to Paul’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. When the team published their report, people were surprised they could run a survey remotely and still get an 80% response rate.

The EMR system also allows Paul and his team to manage data on the go. Through centralized patient data and interactive dashboards, they can see up-to-date information and provide guidance to patients on the spot.

Join us live on May 25 to learn how to collect and protect patient data

During the webinar, Paul will present Nyaka’s automated EMR system that he set up with SurveyCTO to manage huge volumes of patient data from across three community clinics.

He will share:

  • How he set up the EMR system using SurveyCTO and Google Data Studio
  • The system’s impact on Nyaka’s work, service delivery, and partners
  • The pros and cons of the ERM system
  • Opportunities it presents for medical records in the future

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Attend live on May 25, 2022 at 9am ET // 1pm UTC. Register here to attend our LIVE webinar. If you register, you’ll also get the replay sent directly to your inbox.