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SurveyCTO Webinar Series: Fieldwork experts at IPA and Komaza discuss data quality with SurveyCTO

Dobility, Inc., the maker of SurveyCTO, is leading the industry in designing innovative quality control features that enable users with diverse needs to collect the highest quality data possible. These features range from powerful form design and testing capabilities (e.g., form testing interfaceconstraints, fields that capture audio audits and device sensor meta-data), server tools (e.g., automated quality checks, review and corrections workflow), machine-learning technologies, and easy connectivity to external platforms for further cleaning and analysis (e.g., StataPower BI).

SurveyCTO’s vast data quality toolkit and functionality present all sorts of possibilities for our users’ project and organizational needs. In this webinar, we hear from data quality innovators and SurveyCTO super users from Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and Komaza, organizations at the cutting edge of harnessing high-quality evidence to steer impactful projects. Watch as they share their own best practices in using SurveyCTO and other tools to enhance data quality.

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