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SurveyCTO Webinar:  How NORC is using innovative methods to estimate the size of hidden populations

Sample design is a foundational step in survey research, but when sampling frames are unavailable, sampling strategies must become more strategic. This is a classic research challenge when it comes to studying hidden or hard-to-reach populations and illicit behaviors. Researchers at NORC at the University of Chicago decided to employ respondent-driven sampling (RDS), a variation of snowball sampling which uses mathematical modeling to adjust for the typical biases associated with referral-based sampling approaches.

In this webinar, the NORC team shares details and important insights from this work. Their project, which uses RDS to measure commercial sexual exploitation in Kenya, is featured in this SurveyCTO case study.

Some of the topics we cover in the webinar include:

  • NORC’s study of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in coastal Kenya
  • An introduction to RDS, mark-recapture, and link-tracing methods and sampling strategies, and why these methods were selected for this study
  • QR code and coupon generation
  • How SurveyCTO server dataset technology was used to track, validate, and monitor coupons in real-time
  • Challenges and lessons learned

Resources related to this webinar:

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  2. NORC’s research in Kenya with respondent-driven sampling
  3. Resources on respondent-driven sampling
  4. Generating coupons with MS Word’s Mail Merge
  5. SurveyCTO support article on using data from another form
  6. Scanning barcodes in SurveyCTO Collect

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