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SurveyCTO Webinar Series: Nurturing Care and Reducing Transgender Discrimination

SurveyCTO has proudly awarded Primary Data Collection grants to up-and-coming researchers since 2021. And in this month’s webinar, we’re excited to showcase groundbreaking research from two researchers from our 2022 cohort: Elizabeth Hentschel, PhD in Population Health Sciences from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Duncan Webb, PhD candidate in Economics at the Paris School of Economics. Elizabeth and Duncan will both present on inclusive development research-related topics.

Elizabeth’s research project is called “Measuring Nurturing Care Across Contexts: A Pathway to Healthy Child Development and Protection.” It focuses on the development and validation of the responsive caregiving tool, a core component of the nurturing care framework and a predictor of early child development. In collaboration with the World Health Organization, Elizabeth validated the tool in the Naushahro Feroze district of Sindh, Pakistan. Using SurveyCTO, Elizabeth was able to provide evidence that the tool was reliable and valid, and then collect follow-up data a year and a half later with the ultimate goal of understanding how responsive caregiving mediates the relationship between socioeconomic status and child development in rural Pakistan.

Duncan’s research project, “Silence to Solidarity: Using Group Dynamics to Reduce Anti-Transgender Discrimination in India,” looks at ways that conversations can reduce personal prejudice and social discrimination against transgender people. Specifically, Duncan examines whether discrimination can be reduced by two types of communication about a minority: 1. horizontal communication between majority-group members, or 2. top-down communication from agents of authority (e.g., the legal system). To do this, he ran a field experiment in urban India that measures discrimination against a marginalized community of transgender people.

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