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Note: The live webinar has already occurred. You can watch the video recording here.

In November 2020, Dobility welcomed Lawrence Li as President and CEO. In his letter to users and partners, Lawrence speaks to the critical need for safe, high-quality data, particularly now. As we near the end of 2020, Lawrence and Dr. Chris Robert, Founder and CTO, are sitting down to discuss the technology sector’s immediate response to COVID-19 and how that response has evolved throughout the year.

Dobility’s CEO and CTO will also discuss the evolution of SurveyCTO’s platform for user and data safety, particularly the addition of phone surveying and decentralized data collection features, resources, and support. And finally, Lawrence and Chris will share how SurveyCTO and the Safe People + Data Initiative will continue to address changing needs in response to the global pandemic in 2021.

Whether you are new to SurveyCTO or used the platform for years, we welcome you to join Lawrence and Chris on December 9th at 9am ET/ 2pm UTC. This webinar will be a thirty-minute conversation followed by Q&A from the audience.

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Lindo Simelane

Digital Analytics Associate

Lindo is a part of the marketing team at Dobility, the company that powers SurveyCTO. He is responsible for all aspects of data management and analytics for SurveyCTO’s website, social media, and other marketing efforts.

Lindo has a passion for research to inform policy in international development and economics. He has extensive experience in the ICT4D space that includes research work, and a background in international business and finance.