You are currently viewing Learn how to use the CATI starter kit to shift to telephone interviewing

As the ability to collect data in-person becomes more restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, practitioners are exploring alternative methods, with many exploring a shift to telephone interviewing (CATI). There are many considerations when transitioning instruments, workflows, and other technical investments. In efforts to better support this shift, we’ve developed a CATI starter kit to guide users on how to use SurveyCTO for CATI applications on mobile and web forms.

In this webinar, we walk through the workflow of the starter kit, which incorporates case managementpublishing form data into server datasets, and pre-loading. We also review other components such as the sample form, the “phone-call-dialer” field plug-in that launches the phone dialer application on Android devices and populates it with a phone number, ready to be called by the user, and the “launch SMS” field plug-in that launches the SMS application on Android devices and populates it with a phone number and message, ready to be sent by the user.

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