What’s new in 2.40?

Welcome to SurveyCTO 2.40! In this video, you'll learn about our secure new "review and correction" workflow for correcting incoming data, improved support for GPS data (including shapes, traces, and offline maps), new filtered table views for case management, and much more. Read the full release notes and update for free at https://login.surveycto.com/signup/step1.html

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Online Support Center: Accessing Support

All SurveyCTO users have access to the online Support Center, and all users with paid subscriptions have access to professional support. This video shows how to access the online Support Center, open requests for professional support, and manage who on an account has access to professional support.

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Automated Quality Checks: Monitoring IV

SurveyCTO includes powerful, built-in support for automated quality checks, which can supplement manual monitoring efforts and help assure that potential problems don't go unnoticed. This fourth video in the series introduces these automated quality checks and shows how they integrate with the Data Explorer.

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Data Explorer: Monitoring III (2.21 additions)

SurveyCTO’s 2.20 release included a new Data Explorer tool that helps you to monitor and learn from incoming data faster than ever. This third video in the series introduces new features added in the 2.21 release, including new trend and map views, as well as more convenient ways to review auditing data and share links with colleagues. Learn more about SurveyCTO’s frequent improvements in the release notes at https://www.surveycto.com/support/release-notes/

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